MPPT Solar Charge Controllers

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MPPT solar charge controllers are the perfect solution for environments where efficiency and performance are key. The higher the power voltage on your charger the more efficient it is. MPPT solar charge controllers feature the latest in maximum power point tracking technology to extract extra energy from your panels, saving you money and improving performance over non-MPPT products.

How MPPT Controllers Work

The unit takes DC power from a solar panel and boosts it up to a higher voltage and current than the panels were originally designed for, allowing more of that power to be sent from your solar array to charge batteries.

Choosing The Right Solar Charge Controllers

When choosing an MPPT solar charge controller for your system, take the solar panel wattage and divide it by the output voltage of the controller (Current=Watt/Volt). The larger this ratio is, the more power your solar panel will produce. We have different MPPT solar charge controllers to choose from. Our range includes InstaPower & Victron Energy products available in different models with input type MC4 and input voltage limits from 75V to 450V.