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Victron Blue Smart IP67 Charger 12V 13A (1) 230V
Hunter Valley Electrical & AC
Quality charger with Blueooth connectivity

Not the first charger I have owned but one of the few I rate 5 stars.
Quality piece of kit from Victron, and easy to use app.


Best place to get MC4 cables. Other places charge triple the price.

Quality is as-good

On the Charge.

Brought a Victron 30amp charger to replace the the other charger that failed, SPB did me a favor and sent it express post, witch saved down time on my solar system night charging, excellent customer service from SBP. 👍

Victron M6 eyelet connector (with 30A ATO fuse) BPC900100014

High quality 250A DC breaker

The breaker is obviously a high quality part manufactured with care and attention. Also purchased the enclosure - again very high quality. Online transaction with SBP was smooth.

good thing this jigger

Victron 12v 375Va Inverter.
Heavily built and great clean power for the camper and some small home items does my 700litre inverter fridge at home at 80% It barely makes a noise even the fan is pretty quiet. You will need a decent battery to drive it at full power peaking at almost 50A. I have a 12.8v Lifepo4 battery 110ah (claimed) that 'just' runs at max amps. The Victron software on mobile and the USB connector lead bought seperately shows the percentage of load and battery voltage on a nice app. It allows you to set the inverter for different battery chemistrys, frequency and also output voltage (i set mine to lithium and 240V easily)
This is a good thing this jigger. Scott

Aus Post Terrible

Hasn’t arrived!☹️

Solar panel

Good bit of gear

Victorn fuse

Good people to deal with also I bought wrong item it was refunded

Great Products and service

Great products and service

Electrical Enclosure ABS Grey Body Clr hinged Lid 200x300x180

Item works as intended. I can only recommend a bigger hole to allow for a variety of locks to be used.

Solar Isolator ZJBENY 32A 1000V 4-pole non-polarized IP66NW (BYH-32)

Victron M6 Eyelet Connector

It’s good, with convenient plug and cover.

Stand alone gate lighting

All products turned up in good time, easy to install and seem to work well , very happy with whole process will use again

Victron SmartSolar MPPT 250/100-Tr VE.Can

Great Service, Good Products; amazing prices

ZJBeny Double Pole Battery Circuit Breakers 100A BDM-125-100

RED 70mm² / 00 B&S CABLE (1 Meter)

A very impressive BMS

The BMS was bought to charge a 200Ah LiFePO4 that would power a LIDAR /camera systems fitted inside a hybrid car. The Hybrid has limited accessory power available to charge the system so we are able to set the current draw to whatever we feel is a safe amount. This means we can set the BMS to only draw 20 amps so as to not overload the system and if this proves safe we can experiment by increasing the setting to draw 25 amps or 40 amps, up to 100 amps, simply by changing the fuses and resetting the Bluetooth settings. Also the BMS can control the 240 volt smart charger (we use when parked in the garage) and disconnect the DC load if the battery is distressed, helping to protect the rather sizeable investment of the 200Ah LifePO4. Overall I am very happy to recommend this item.

Handy protection for an expensive battery

We used this Battery protect in a vehicle mounted project. It is connected to a Smart BMS and a 200Ah LiFePO4 battery. All 3 items have Bluetooth connectivity and they are very straight forward to set up. It hasn't needed to be triggered yet but it is a reassuring addition to the system.

Vitron Dc to Dc converter

Great service and product.

VictronConnect shunt

I’ve just installed it and downloaded the app.
Great product, all the information you need is there on your phone.

145w solar panels

I recieved the panels in perfect condition, tested the output and they worked far better than expected