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Top quality busbar

The 2 Victron 150A busbars are extremely well built using high quality stainless steel and insulating materials. I have every confidence that they will serve me well and safely for the life the setup/vehicle. Top notch!

Very difficult to avoid going under the force charge SOC with Solis inverter

>2 years of repeated alarms, often more than daily, and repeated occasions of serious overdischarge, despite my virtually constant onsite presence and WI-fi monitoring. I am still trying to adjust the settings: sometimes the problem looks like resolved, but suddenly the set SOC gets overstepped, as if it was not set, presumably due to some new combination of current SOC and sun irradiation conditions and times. I do not know who's at fault: the batteries or the inverter. From my standpoint both are responsible, given that the pylontech-solis association is officially supported, and the after-sales services are unable to provide a fix in Italy (and according to forum postingss also in UK and elsewhere).

Good quality

Excellent product, highly recommend

Great product!

Postage was fine, good quality panel. Would highly recommend !


Diodes are no even wired in parallel sections..
Lasted 3 years

Very slow dispatch and delivery

Purchased online because their website stated fast delivery and my local supplier couldn't get the items in for 7 days. Took more than 7 days for them to dispatch an in stock item and then about another 2 weeks for delivery. Happy with tge items but the delay put a build back weeks.

Shattered panel

I ordered 2 panels one arrived in good condition the other completely shattered heavy impact damage on corner.
No response from customer service.

Shattered panel

I ordered 2 panels one arrived in good condition the other is shattered with a bent corner, no response from customer service.

why do i need to review every time i place an order.

i buy these and sell for retail purposes, but i constantly get bombarded with having to review the goods every time i purchase WTF

Great product

An easy way for DC protection. Gives you the option for using familiar housings/distribution centres.
The only negative is the design is not compatible with load centre bus bars but can be overcome by grinding out the cb housing to allow bus bar tab to enter under screw head. Obviously voids warranty though

Great Service as usual

Bad quality product

One of the arrow buttons got stuck easily and LCD display went off after 4 days operation. Seeking return and refund

Great product excellent service a pleasure to do business with

Cable Pack for Pylontech Lithium Batteries
Chantelle Binns

Great product fast delivery

Solar Panel pole mounting frame

Could have included a short assembly instruction or pics of an assembled frame. Supplied with stainless hose clamps to facilitate fixing to a pole. These were useless and allowed the frame to "windmill' in high winds. I substituted the hose clamps with Stainless Steel 'U' bolts and saddles which are far superior and don't allow the frame to "windmill'. In all other respects I was happy with the product.

Missing parts and unresponsive sales staff

The MCCB was missing it's accessories such as mounting bolts and separation plates. The 100A and 125A units i also purchased had them but as this one was unboxed it did not. My collogue and I brought this to the staffs attention last week but neither of us have had a reply.

200W 24V Mono Solar Panel 1480mm 670mm InstaPower

solar panels

3 solar panels for my caravan.quality product,fast delivery,working perfectly.

ZJBeny Double Pole Battery Circuit Breaker 250A

Still waiting for my product

I ordered the product on 2nd October, it was listed in stock, but wasn't dispatched until 11th October. The item still hasn't been delivered (25th October). The product may be great, but it definitely dampens the experience when an in stock item takes up to a month to be delivered from an online store (and is still not delivered yet).

Dreadful service

I purchased two small items that were roughly $20 each. I needed them delivered in one weeks time so I paid the extra $35 for express delivery.
After a week had passed and nothing had arrived I called asking where the products were. The response I received was “sorry we’ve just been a bit busy, we’ll get round to it today”… absolutely spewing. Paying basically twice the value for the items only for them to not show up in time. I had to call the electrician off who was not able to come back for another month to finish the job. DON’T BOTHER PAYING FOR THEIR EXPRESS SERVICE OR USING THESE GUYS IF YOU ARE IN A HURRY!


Works well with the Lithium Batteries

80W mono solar panels, great price, Thompson pick up or deliver.

A friend of mine bought a couple of these 1000 x 400mm panels. The price was very good on sale, so I bought 2 as well. Friends panels have performed well on a trip to QLD, mounted on a boat. I picked up from their warehouse, easy peasy. Clearance panels near the foyer even cheaper, if your close, pip in to save more, 80W $40.