Off Grid Solar Inverters & Chargers

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An off-grid solar inverter is a device used to convert DC current energy into AC electricity. They are meant to be used for remote locations that are not connected to the main utility network, though they still need an installation site near a power outlet. There are no wires coming from the grid, therefore it makes it completely off the grid.

Off Grid Inverters For All Needs Australia Wide

Easy to install and easy to maintain, our battery inverter systems are high efficiency for uninterrupted power supply in areas of frequent power cuts and offer maximum protection from electrical overload and short circuits.

An Off Grid Inverter Provides Power Easily

A single unit can normally provide power for several appliances at once, which means that it’s possible to live completely off the grid. Of course, it’s necessary to purchase a large enough battery if you want to do this. Our range includes Selectronic & Victron Energy products. We offer different types of models available from 250VA to 20000VA for 12V, 24V, 48V or 120V systems.