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Projecta 24V 2000W INTELLI-WAVE Pure SINE Wave Inverter IP2000-24

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Product Info

Manufacturer: Projecta

SKU: IP2000-24

Shipping Weight: 7.9 kg

Like its 12V counterpart, this 24V 2000W inverter is the biggest in the range. Delivering ultra clean power, a sophisticated AC transfer switch and Intelli-Wave’s class leading peak power performance.

FEATURES (Specification Sheet)

AC transfer switch
Ensures seamless flow of power when switching between mains and battery power

Remote control
LCD display and remote control unit provide information on battery voltage, power usage and load capacity

ECO mode
Reduces power consumption extending battery run time

Safety 'cut out' switch
RCD provides absolute protection for the user and devices being powered

Approved output sockets
AS/NZS approved 240V sockets. Inverter complies to Australian standard AS4763 (AS3001 ready)