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Projecta 12V Automatic 15A 7 Stage Battery Charger IC1500

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Product Info

Manufacturer: Projecta

SKU: IC1500

Shipping Weight: 1.54 kg

Perfect for charging larger batteries found in camper trailers or boats.
Its compact size, adjustable charge rate and robust construction make it ideal for permanent installation.

FEATURES (Specification Sheet)

Adjustable Output
Adjustable for different battery sizes & includes 1.8m temperature compensation probe for precise charging

Power Supply Mode
Retains vehicle computer settings when changing a battery or can run 12V appliances

Safer Charging
Spark free and polarity protected

Shock & Dust Proof
Durable construction and safer charging with spark free and polarity protected connection

Wired Remote Control
Allows charger to be mounted out of sight yet retain total control (remote sold separately)