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200Ah 12v Lithium Battery LiFePO4 InstaPower High Performance IP12200LFP

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Product Info

Manufacturer: InstaPower


Shipping Weight: 30.0 kg

True Drop-in replacement for lead acid battery

  • Enclosed battery management system, with no extra wiring required

  • Same physical size as a 200Ah lead acid battery

  • Conveniently fits most battery boxes

  • Built with LiFePO4 cells that are engineered to deliver superior performance and longevity

  • 50% lighter than same size lead acid battery

  • 2000-5000 life cycles, offering a lower cost per cycle

  • Built in State of the art battery management system which controls cell balancing, over and under voltage protection and short circuit protection

  • Can be connected in parallel and series

  • Dimension: 521x238x220 (mm)

  • Weight: 27Kg