Solar Panel Ground Mounting Clenergy Solar Terrace III-A




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 Grounding System Installation Guide

SolarTerrace III-A Double Support Datasheet

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SolarTerrace III-A Installation Guide

SolarTerrace III-A Brochure


  • Manufactured from high-quality structural grade and anodised aluminium
  • Durable Even in Harsh Environments
  • Support Leg Is Delivered in One Piece
  • Suitable for All Soil and Ground Types
  • Full Earthing Function

Durable Even in Harsh Environments

STIII-A contains only 6005 Aluminium alloy and 304 stainless steel (316 on request), which makes it suitable for even the toughest environments, such as corrosive sites close to coastlines.


Support Leg Is Delivered in One Piece

The support legs of the STIII-A are completely pre-assembled, they only needed to be opened up and secured to the foundation. They even have the positioning rail clamps pre-installed**, so you don’t need to measure and mark the rail positions anymore. The combination of these features is saving valuable time in assembly and logistics, making it one of the fastest system on the market.


Suitable for All Soil and Ground Types

The support legs can be installed either with a concrete ballast footing or with ground screws. This makes STIII-A suitable for the most challenging soil conditions where ramming is not possible.


Full Earthing Function

With pre-fitted pressure bolts and star washers in the pre-assembled support, it can create earthing continuity from T rail to support. In this way, SolarTerrace III-A system is a full earthing system.


Clenergy is a leading Sino-Australian joint venture which provides high quality, versatile PV mounting products and solutions for residential, commercial and utility-scale projects. Clenergy is an ISO accredited company. Their innovative products are designed according to quality standards and to meet all relevant international standards.