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120Ah 12V AGM Battery Deep Cycle CGB 319 x 174 x 274mm CGB12120

$262.73 ex GST

Available More than 10 in stock

Product Info

Manufacturer: CGB

SKU: CGB12120

Shipping Weight: 32.0 kg

Industrial spec AGM Battery. 

    • Nominal Capacity: 120AH
    • Nominal Voltage: 12V

    • AGM valve regulated sealing technology;

    • High strength ABS material for container & lid

    • Wide temperature scope of application (-15~45°C)

    • Non-spill, safe and reliable;

    • Can be used standing or lying down, convenient to transport and install;

    • High sealed reaction efficiency, little loss of water, no need to add distilled water or electrolyte, simple to use and maintain;

    • Low self-discharge rate.

    • Dimension: 319*174*274 (mm)

    • Weight: 31.41Kg