Does my Multiplus/Quattro need to be programmed before use?

The Victron and Quattro inverters come with standard settings that are appropriate for most situations. If you want to change these settings you can do so using the dip switches, or using the MK3 Dongle. This is best done by a trained professional, such as your installer. If your intsaller is not familiar with Victron equipment, we can pre-program your inverter before we ship it to you. Please add this item to your cart to purchase this service and email your requirements to

Common setups that require programming include Parallel Inverters, 3-Phase systems, Lithium Batteries, and a hardwired MEN link in the switchboard.


Standard MultiPlus factory settings:

Inverter frequency 50 Hz
Input frequency range 45 - 65 Hz
Input voltage range 180 - 265 VAC
Inverter voltage 230 VAC
Stand-alone / parallel / 3-phase stand-alone
AES (Automatic Economy Switch) off
Ground relay on
Charger on/ off on
Battery charge curve four-stage adaptive with BatterySafe mode
Charging current 75% of the maximum charging current
Battery type Victron Gel Deep Discharge (also suitable for Victron AGM Deep Discharge)
Automatic equalisation charging off
Absorption voltage 14.4 / 28.8 / 57.6 V
Absorption time up to 8 hours (depending on bulk time)
Float voltage 13.8 / 27.6 / 55.2 V
Storage voltage 13.2 / 26.4 / 52.8V (not adjustable)
Repeated absorption time 1 hour
Absorption repeat interval 7 days
Bulk protection on
AC input current limit 50A or 16A depending on model (= adjustable current limit for PowerControl and
PowerAssist functions)
UPS feature on
Dynamic current limiter off
WeakAC off
BoostFactor 2
Programmable relay alarm function
Auxiliary output 16A
PowerAssist on


For more information on these settings please refer to the manual of the product.