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Comms Cables

PV Solar Combiner Box 3 in 1 out String Maximum Voltage 1000V (incl 6 fuses, 1 SPD's, and 1 DC switch disconnector) BHS-3/1

$248.36 ex GST

Available 3 items left

Product Info

Manufacturer: ZJBENNY

SKU: BHS-3/1

Shipping Weight: 3.0 kg

General Data
  • Input: 3 strings

  • Output: 1 string

  • Maximum Voltage: 1000V

  • Max DC Short Circuit Per Input (Isc): 15A (changeable)

  • Maximum Current Output: 32A


  • Material Type: Polycarbonate/ABS
  • Dimension (WxHxD): 292x220x120mm

DC Switch Disconnector

  • Rated Insulation Voltage (Ui): 1000V

  • Rated Current (Ie): 32A

DC Surge Arrester

  • Max Operation Voltage (Ucpv): 1000V

  • Maximum Discharge Current: 40kA