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Solar Panel Ground Mounting Clenergy Solar Terrace IIA

$184.93 ex GST


Product Info

Manufacturer: Clenergy

SKU: KD25212

Shipping Weight: 6.0 kg

These mounting systems need to be customer quoted for each job.

Please send an email with the number of panels and the panel dimensions to:


Grounding System Installation Guide

SolarTerrace II-A Double Support Datasheet

SolarTerrace II-A Single Support Datasheet

Girder Extension for SolarTerrace-A Installation Guide

Girder Extension for SolarTerrace II-A and III-A Datasheet

Clenergy Warranty Document

SolarTerrace II-A Installation Guide

SolarTerrace II-A with Ramming Brochure


  • Pre-assembled ground mount system
  • Full earthing function
  • Suitable for rural, country, commercial and utility-scale installations
  • Wide range of flexibility
  • Reduced number of parts
  • Cost-Effective


Reduced Labour Costs

Through Clenergy's unique, patented component design and pre-assembled supports with pre-installed positioning clamps, labour time and costs are greatly reduced.

Reduced Component Costs

Clenergy's unique C-Post was designed specifically for ramming. This results in an increased friction against up-lift and it therefore requires less embedment as conventional standard posts or I-beams, which reduces not only labour time for ramming but also material costs.

Full Earthing Function

With pre-fitted pressure bolts and star washers in post head, post brace and pre-assembled support, it can create earthing continuity from T rail to post. In this way, SolarTerrace™ II-A system is a full earthing system.

Wide Range of Adjustments

As ramming can never be done exactly to the millimetre the Post head is designed with sufficient horizontal rotation and vertical adjustments. This combined with generous design tolerance levels makes it easy to get the panels perfectly aligned even if the ramming isn’t 100%.


Clenergy is a leading Sino-Australian joint venture which provides high quality, versatile PV mounting products and solutions for residential, commercial and utility-scale projects. Clenergy is an ISO accredited company. Their innovative products are designed according to quality standards and to meet all relevant international standards.